2013 Intentions For Connection With My Children

December 31, 2012

The end of the year is upon us. I love this time of year. It is a chance to stop and recalibrate, redesign our life’s direction and if we are conscious enough about it, can set the stage for a new chapter, a new start, opportunity, possibility and hope.

Living_with_intentionI like to set intentions instead of resolutions for myself because resolutions tend to be mostly set in the negative.  We tell ourselves what we WON’T do, eat  or say, and in this way we are actually still subconsciously focusing on the aspects of our lives we wanted to let go of.  Intentions, on the other hand,  are more positive courses of action that we intend to follow.  It is about the journey towards a more positive version of ourselves, reflected in our actions.

I just finished writing down my intentions for 2013. I will light sky lanterns tonight with my husband by our bonfire, tie my wishes onto them and imagine these things effortlessly manifesting in 2013. My work is simply to get out of the way and allow these intentions to come. I can do that

In addition to setting powerful intentions for myself, I wanted to set a special few intentions just for my children or specifically in my role as their mother. These intentions are all about how I will better honor and serve them as their mother in the coming year, and in essence serve myself. Although I am far from perfect and have made my share of mistakes as a mom this past year, I am not left with feelings of remorse or guilt. I know that the most important thing I can give them is my commitment to my joyful and consciously evolving self. That by doing that, I give them the highest version of me for the evolution of the highest versions of themselves.

2013 Intentions For Connection With My Children –>
In moments of strife,  I will stay centered
In moments of doubt, I will stay trusting
In moments of anger, I will stay loving
In moments of distraction, I will still see you
In moments of chaos, I will still understand you
In moments of overwhelm, I will still guide you
In moments of busy, I will be present

These are in essence reminders for me to show up as my BEST SELF with my children and as I set these intentions for who I want to be more of and practice these consciously, with a loving and open heart, they will become my reality!

I wish nothing but JOY for you and your family in the coming year!!






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