30 Day Mommy Challenge

January 4, 2012

We are two days in to 2012, how do you feel? Have you set some resolutions for the new year? Are you excited and hopeful about your potential to become MORE of what makes you JOYFUL and uniquely, fabulously you? Or are you pessimistic about your potential for positive change, “been there done that and change is hard!”

If you are like most moms, being a more joyful, confident, in charge, proud mamma is on the top of your New Years resolutions list. But what does that really mean – being a success as a mother? A lot of times a goal can seem so large and even diffuse that we sometimes have a hard time getting started and that only sets us up for failure. So with this new year, I thought I would offer up 30 days of simple, doable actions that can help you step more fully in the kind of mother you want to be. Throw yourself into this challenge mommies! Sometimes just simple things make a big difference both in your life and the lives of your kids. Good luck!

Download the 30 Day Mommy Challenge pdf and hang it on your fridge! You can also follow along on The Joyful Mother Facebook page where I will be posting a new challenge every day.

  1. Go the entire day without yelling at your children.
  2. Instead of just reacting to bad behavior, try to find what it is that is really bothering your child. Sometimes our kids mask emotional turmoil or frustration with challenging behavior.
  3. Focus on play today. Find any excuse to connect with your children through play or imagination.
  4. Create one family ritual today.
  5. Today, when your child pushes your buttons, remind yourself that he is only a child and cut him some slack.
  6. Today when interacting with your child, be completely present. Turn your attention away from the “doings” of your life and place your focus on your child…and ask yourself “what is happening in this moment?”
  7. Focus on LOVE today. Get down on your knees, look them in the eyes and from the depths of your heart, say I Love You. And don’t expect an answer back.
  8. Trust your intuition today. Let each decision you make when dealing with your kids come from a place of wisdom inside you – tap into your innate mother’s intuition.
  9. Do not use one harsh, critical or negative word or tone with your child today. The challenge is to parent from instead a calm, firm but loving approach.
  10. Give up one bad habit today.
  11. Remind yourself today how lucky you are to be a mother and what an amazing, even divine gift that is.
  12. Notice today the expectations you have of your children today. Are they positive or negative. Change the negative to positive.
  13. Is it hard for you to say NO to people in your life, including your kids. Practice the art of setting limits today.
  14. Today the challenge is to commit to one thing that is going to take care of you.
  15. Write down 5 ways you rock as a mom.
  16. Today is about patience. Interact with your children from a place of total calm today.
  17. Turn off your phone, TV and/or computer today when your child is with you.
  18. Forgive yourself today – no matter how you mess up or what mistakes you make, fully forgive yourself and let it go.
  19. Tell your child all the reasons you love him or her today.
  20. Do one good thing today that is good for your health.
  21. Today give thanks to your mother (either physically or with a thought) for one positive contribution to your life. And this could be through a negative context where we learned something about ourselves.
  22. Have a conversation today with your inner child or teenager today.
  23. Let perfection go today. Celebrate your mistakes as a chance to learn and do better next time!
  24. Try to say YES as often as you can today!
  25. No matter what happens today, see the positive in it. No matter what.
  26. Commit to one thing that will make you a better mother.
  27. Surprise your kids
  28. Today start a gratitude journal with your kids. Before bed each of you write down or simply tell each other 5 things you are thankful for.
  29. How do you want your child to remember you? Be that YOU today.
  30. LOVE yourself today. Tell yourself at least 3 times today how wonderful you are. And believe it.

So that is the 30 Day Mommy Challenge! Hope you enjoy it. What about even documenting it and making a wall of January Joy photos like the picture below – what a reminder that would be for the rest of the year?!

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