30 Day “What Would Love Do” Challenge!

May 28, 2013

Parenting from the heart is both intuitive and easy and mysterious and hard!!! I mean, we all have the best intentions to parent with our WHOLE hearts and yet we get stuck. On a good day, love and connection with our children flow, we are relaxed and parenting feels like a breeze. The next day BAM! Our kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or we do…or life throws at us stressors both big and small. It is during stress that we disconnect from a love consciousness.

What do I mean by that? I mean that we go into problem solving mode and forget where our true locus of control is. We think (unconsciously) that if we worry enough, if we fear enough, if we problem solve enough, if we search online enough, if we yell enough, if we punish enough, that our problems will be solved. But are they? Momentarily maybe, but not in the long run.

In the long run, when we parent from the head, we can experience disconnect, disrespect, discipline challenges, and lots and lots of guilt.

My message is simple. When you make LOVE your greatest ally in your day to day parenting everything shifts, you get better and things get way more joyful. Pure, unconditional love is the most powerful emotion we have at our disposal, but most of us don’t understand how to “use” it’s power. “Use” love, what could that possibly mean? Well, when you shift to a conscious state of compassion, empathy, understanding, respect, listening, patience, space – we open the door to love. And it rushes in to heal even the most frustrating of our mommy moments. The energy of love infects everyone around us. You can literally just sit back and watch the magic of love dry tears, solve arguments, inspire cooperation, inspire YOUR action and reconnect us to those we love.

Sounds pretty cool huh!?!?! It so is!!!!

I have lots of ways I help moms learn the life skills necessary to comitt to a life of parenting from the heart, but I thought I would give you a 30 crash course for FREE in key elements of parenting from the heart. You ready to learn and apply these ideas in your TODAY and tomorrow?

Cool, let’s go. Just put your name and email in the space provided and you will get your first lesson in your inbox in just a few minutes, if not seconds!


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