50 Ways to Get to Your Joy Default!

February 13, 2012

I talk a lot with my clients about their Joy Default. What is that you ask?

Your Joy Default is your life underneath your life situation. It is the natural positive energy that is underneath every negative thought, belief or problem. It is my belief that we are meant to feel good. Humans are supremely good at making life complicated. We over-think our challenges until we have made them official problems and have so far removed ourselves from a natural state of JOY that is our birth right, that feeling good is almost indiscernible.

But life is hard, life is a struggle!

Sure, in life we are met with all kinds of situations to handle and cope with. But the thing that people don’t generally understand is that challenging situations are meant to expand our life experience, not destroy us. Eckhart Tolle said something along the lines of…when you are faced with a challenging situation, you have two choices. You can either allow it to pull you deeper into the spiraling abyss of fear or you can see it as an opportunity to grow, become more of who you are – stepping more fully into your Joy Default.

In addition to seeing life as a way to expand as YOU, I wanted you to start getting to know your Joy Default…to consciously go there, to CHOOSE it throughout the day! I promise you that if you do, JOY will grow in your life.

Below, I have listed 50 doorways that you can open and let JOY in:

  1. Read inspirational books (see the Amazon widget to the right of this post for my suggestions!)
  2. Get past a funk by writing in your journal
  3. Turn on your favorite music and dance
  4. Play with your child (a game that he/she chooses!)
  5. Pamper yourself somehow
  6. Do something you have been putting off
  7. Organize your junk drawer
  8. Clean the house
  9. Get some fresh air
  10. Move your body
  11. Watch a funny movie
  12. Start a fun tradition with your family…movie night, pizza night?
  13. Each night write down 5 things you are grateful for
  14. Commit to meditating 10 minutes a day
  15. Cook a wonderful meal for your family
  16. Create something
  17. Get friends together and LAUGH
  18. Sing karaoke
  19. Splurge on a good bottle of wine and share it with someone special
  20. Be around animals
  21. Try something new…a new food, a new sport, a new road to work!
  22. Look for beauty each day
  23. Paint a wall your favorite color
  24. Put on your favorite outfit and wear it all day, even if it’s only to vacume!
  25. Celebrate one mistake today – look for the lesson in it!
  26. Commit to one positive affirmation to repeat for 2 weeks
  27. Notice and celebrate one thing you did really WELL today
  28. Tell someone that you love them today and mean it
  29. If you cannot change a thought, a situation in your life, accept it, allow it to be with you today
  30. Question your thoughts today. Ask “Is that really true?”
  31. Smile for no reason
  32. Wake up and expect that today is going to be a GOOD day!
  33. Resist the urge to fix anything or anyone today…just let everything BE just as it is.
  34. Find a way to make yourself PROUD today
  35. Look in the mirror today and say to yourself, from your heart..”You are beautiful and I love you.”
  36. Find 10 ways to be silly today
  37. Let go on one belief today that holds you back. Just drop it like a hot coal and choose to think a thought that feels better
  38. Sit in silence for 10 minutes today
  39. Spend time in nature
  40. Do not judge or complain today
  41. Notice the world around you all day today
  42. Create a sacred space somewhere in your home
  43. Do something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return
  44. Swim or bathe in salt water (really! it has a cleansing effect)
  45. Go to be early
  46. Do a cleansing ritual in your living space (a little different, but I have done this with much success!)
  47. Remove yourself from an unpleasant situation or relationship
  48. Expect positive outcomes
  49. Find a hobby
  50. Remember to BREATHE

Use the comment space below to tell us which ones resonate with you and what happened when you tried some of these on!! Good luck! Read this past blog post for more on our Joy Default.




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