7 Step to Begin Exploring Your Inner World

January 16, 2012

I had a visit from a friend of mine last week. He is one of my very closest friends, but for the first time he started opening up about his past and the rough start he got as a kid. What he went through would have destroyed another man…reduced him to a hollow shell of a man, but my friend is a loving soul, a peaceful, creative, joyful wonderful survivor. He has created a life for himself up and beyond what many in his early years have not and beyond everyone’s expectation. “Why?” I asked him, “What do you think set you apart from your destiny”?

“I saw clearly what I did not want, who I did not want to be and where I did not want to go.”

Clarity through contrast is HUGE and is the way we get clear about where we are going and what we are wanting more of in our lives. Those people, like my friend, that go through such extreme contrasting experiences which can give rise to crystal clear desire. He knew just what he wanted more of out of life, there was no doubt, no wavering. And setting the experience aside, I am in awe of clarity like that! Many of us, me included, have gone through life without such dramatic happenings in our life, without the gift of perspective handed to us. Life gets a little murky here because things are good, OK, sort of mediocre, you get by, make the best of it, don’t challenge yourself because like feels safe. But how many of those of us with “mediocre” lives feel that there is something more, that we are meant to live life more fully, with more clear desire, more direction, more pleasure, more joy, with more fun, with MORE of everything that makes our heart sing? I think all of us….

But for most of us this is hard, clarity doesn’t come easy and so we have to DIG. We have to dare to lift open the hood of our minds, of our spirits, get curious and ask ourselves questions that will give us clarity in our lives, give us direction, purpose. Most of us are afraid of asking such questions. We believe our inner worlds should be shut down, that this aspect of ourselves has no real value, that weakness and vulnerability reside there. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the place that true strength resides and if you can tap into it, there isn’t anything you cannot have, do or become.

Steps to begin to EXPLORE your inner world

  1. Decide that your inner voice is a valid and real part of you
  2. Begin to consult this inner voice for guidance. Ask questions like:
    • “Is that (a thought) true?”
    • “What do I really want?”
    • “Is this really important to me?”
    • “What do I need to know right now (to solve a problem)?”
    • “What is the most important thing for me to focus on right now?”
  3. Create space and stillness to listen to the answers
  4. Don’t try to figure out the answer with your rational mind
  5. Dare to trust and act on the information your inner voice provides
  6. Recognize that you are MORE that your physical self
  7. Contemplate your connection to the Source of all things, your Higher Self, God or whatever term feels comfortable for you. Understand that life is about collaborating with this power through your inner voice.

These may be diffuse concepts at first to wrap your head around, that is only because we live in a physical or form focused world where things we cannot see (besides electricity and the Internet) have little value. But remember you are BODY, MIND and SPIRIT and cultivating a healthy spiritual self will add joy and contentment for you and your family!

Photo: Shel Silverstein





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  • SpicyMom February 2, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    So happy to find you and your very interesting blog (nice background too). I too am a mom, have lived in the middle east, and my most recent article talks about finding your inner self to attain peace. Peace!