The Joyful Mother Revolution has begun! I am so blessed to work with some of the most courageous moms on the planet. Mothers that know that their state of mind matters to themselves and their state of mind and to the wellbeing of their family. It is my belief that happier homes will create happier societies and a happier world for all. We, as mothers, have more power than we realize in lifting the veil of struggle and suffering in our own famlies. It is our responsibility to commit to this change through improving ourselves and parenting from a STRONG place of love and connection.

“What’s unique about Sigrid is that she doesn’t speak to us from some distant shore that we’re all trying to reach, but she jumps into the water and swims back to us and meets us where we are to help us find our way.”

It is the joy and peace that flows from mind and heart of a truly joyful mother that is the fuel she uses to naturally show up as her BEST self everyday in all areas of her life. In collaboration with the mothers around the world that I serve each day, we are redefining success as mothers, liberating our minds, claiming back joy and pouring real, pulsating, life changing love into our lives and into the lives of our families. We will change the world.

My background

My name is Sigrid Kjeldsen. I have been working as a coach since 2003 and with mothers in specific since 2009. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Sociology and am an ICF accredited and coach with certification from The Coaches Training Institute.

I am a married and am a mother to two pretty amazing little people. I grew up in Atlanta, GA but because of my Norwegian roots (my mother is Norwegian) and my interest in living abroad, I moved to Norway in 1996. Since then, my family and I have spent 5 years living as expats in Dubai. We moved back to Norway in the summer of 2014. 

3 Ways To Begin Working With Sigrid

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3. The Joyful Mother Club Membership Club
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“I can’t say enough great things about Sigrid, her work and how it has helped me and my family. I have been reading self help books all my life and Sigrid’s work is the only stuff that has brought me this sort of inner happiness and peace. She is truly life changing.” – Kerri, USA

I started my awesome journey with Sigrid crying into my coffee every morning, not knowing how or what to change and five months later I have a new job that I love, I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time possibly ever, I find ease in making positive and healthy changes and I feel excited about creating a future that is fulfilling and joyful. She is my coach, my friend, and as someone recently called her, my guru. I would take this journey with her a thousand times and so should you!” – Elizabeth, USA

“I was truly bereft when I met you. Therapy, spiritual counseling, self-help books, body work….all my usual resources…..were not moving me from the most stuck place I’d ever experienced. Your coaching helped me move past the deepest blocks to my progress: fear of acknowledging my past and being present in my current circumstances. You encouraged me to acknowledge my truth and then supported me while I acted on it. Extremely validating to who I truly am and what I uniquely have to offer as a loving leader and mother.” – a mom in USA




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