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I LOVE hearing from my tribe! As mothers, we may feel alone, isolated in our own struggles and challenges, but I want you to know we are collectively experiencing this journey called Motherhood! We are in it together sisters ♥. At The Joyful Mother, I want to make sure all of the topics that YOU struggle with are touched on and addressed. What you share here will not only improve your life and your perspectives, but the lives of other moms as well. So send me your questions at and I will either answer them here, add them as topics for my video blog or integrate them into online coaching courses currently being developed here at The Joyful Mother.

Read the questions and my answers by clicking on the links below:

(November 23, 2011) “We are struggling with staying positive, joyful, patient, loving, when we are tired, all 4 kids are acting up in their own way, fighting, not listening, making a mess on purpose.”

(November 26th, 2011) “I sometimes believe that all I do for my children will, in the end, not be remembered or appreciated….and that when our kids are older, they will look back at my husband as the fun parent and me as the parent who always told them to clean their room.” (Believe in Yourself and Others Will Too)

(November 28th, 2011) “How do I motivate my child towards better behavior?” (The Secret to Motivating Your Child)


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