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Celebrating Motherhood

  • AlreadytheYou_the_joyful_mother

    You Are Already Perfect Mom…

    We, moms today, seem to be in a constant state of polishing this thing called motherhood until it gleams. We are so busy and concerned about everything related to motherhood, our houses, ourselves, our…

    November 19, 2014
  • happykids

    “All I Want is My Children To Be Happy”

    I implore you not to give up on your children's happiness just because it is hard, just because you don't know how to do this exactly! Giving up on actively influencing your children's happiness…

    October 13, 2014
  • child-337540_1280

    5 Ways Every Day Can Be Mother’s Day!

    Today is Mother’s Day in the US and several other countries including Canada and India. As a mother myself, I am all for a day focused on pampering us moms! We work hard and we…

    May 11, 2014
  • What-would-happen-if-we

    Learning To Empower Your Children!

    As a follower of TJM, you know from my work how much I believe how living a joyful life is an inside job. Being a good parent is also an inside job! You can…

    March 4, 2013
  • Living_with_intention

    2013 Intentions For Connection With My Children

    The end of the year is upon us. I love this time of year. It is a chance to stop and recalibrate, redesign our life’s direction and if we are conscious enough about it,…

    December 31, 2012
  • Carol 1

    Why Parenting Isn’t as Tough as You Think It Is

    A guest post by Carol Tuttle from The Child Whisperer Once you let go of this myth, parenting gets easier… The myth? Parenting has to be difficult. Yes, you have tremendous responsibility. And yes,…

    November 1, 2012
  • IMG_0603

    My 3 Steps for Conscious Motherhood

    I believe life is about expansion, about growth and committing to consistently becoming more of who we really are, on our own terms. Not about becoming more of who we think we ought to…

    August 13, 2012
  • Woman-Listening

    What would you say to the YOU before kids?

    So I asked my lovely fans the other day (did I tell you lately that I have the most lovely, gorgeous fans on all of Facebook? No? Well, I do!) I asked them if…

    May 21, 2012
  • small-shop-leightons-big-girl-room-john-robshaw-quilt-jonathan-adler-pillow-rattan-headboard

    A Room of Her Own

    by Mary Nelligan from A Teachable Mom Like many parents I want my children to grow up feeling empowered in the world, trusting their value and celebrating the gifts they offer as their own…

    May 16, 2012