Connecting To The Magic of Motherhood

February 6, 2012

Do you remember how you felt the moment your babies were born? The pain was gone (or almost) and you saw that face, that body for the very first time? Pretty miraculous wasn’t it?

For many women, that feeling of the miraculousness of giving life, that oneness with our child fades into a lovely memory as our children grow up and we get taken with the “doing” of motherhood.

In this post, I want to look at why it is that the awareness of our role as mother being a sacred one fades soon after our babies are born.

I believe that we, as women, in our modern societies have not even come close to grasping or embracing the importance and sacredness of our role as mothers. In addition, most women I speak to or listen too seem to feel a fundamental imbalance in their roles – an indefinable, ungraspable struggle, dissatisfaction, disappointment in the dynamics of their lives.

I believe this discontent has its roots in Western society’s inherent exclusionary belief system towards feminine values in preference for more masculine or patriarchal values. I am not speaking here about men vs. women, I am speaking about our cultural values and how we are essentially unconsciously influenced by them.

The dominant values in any patriarchal society center around advancement and success and the importance of the rational and the intellectual.

How do these values overlook the significance of motherhood you may ask? For women, we have come to see being a mother as a job or role that must be filled or just like any other accomplishment to pursue, we intellectualize it, we want to get it right, we want to appear successful and we want to be able to do it all. And for the record, it isn’t just mothering that is influenced by these values, it effects our attitudes towards all of our relationships with others and even how we see ourselves (this is where perfectionism has its roots).

And then there is society’s attitudes towards mothers… Society sees being a mother as an intellectually “less than” role. It doesn’t fit in with the advancement and success primary value focus. If you choose stay home with your children, you are looked down upon, in many instances, you are seen as stupid, a non-contributor, un-ambitious, lazy because you are going against the dominant value base of modern society.

I believe we, as women, need to begin shifting how we think of our role as mothers – literally get conscious and choose new thoughts that support a joyful existence as a mother! Today, we group our role as mother in with all the other roles we have, wife, boss, colleague, sister, daughter, friend….mother. I believe it is time to elevate this role – taking it more seriously.

It blows my mind to think that we are part of this miracle of life giving and we have sort of separated from it. It is like, when we deliver our children, we keenly experience the sacred nature of this experience – we get it, we feel it and we share it with our loved ones. But this sacredness fades sadly enough…we get busy with the stuff we have to do, the diapers, and the sleeping though the nights, the feedings, then the friends, and the school….the list of activities we then throw ourselves into is endless. I believe we loose the essence, the spirit, the divine nature of what being a mother is early on in this experience. It is my purpose to bring you back, to claim the true, joyful nature of motherhood both for the health of your children and for your wholeness as a woman and begin changing how motherhood feels and how it is view in society. Only we can make this change – it starts with YOU.

Begin today changing how you show up as a mother, so that it starts feeling good. Step past your struggles of being perfect, of doubt in your ability as a mother, your feelings that parenting is hard and claim the true, joyful nature of motherhood both for the health of your children and for your wholeness as a woman. Sign up for the Mommy Meltdown Cure Home study Course and get the tools you need to start showing up as the BEST version of you!


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