Embracing Discomfort

January 8, 2013

The kids were home over for Christmas break for 3 weeks! We had a really great time, did lots of stuff with the kids, but by the end of it, I was desperate for a little time to reconnect with me, my work and sit in silence. And I was starting to climb the walls on that last weekend together.
Until I had a light bulb moment…

babyCryingI realized the relief I was holding out for when school started on Monday was attainable right in this moment. The lesson in that moment was about accepting discomfort. If you have been following my work up til now, you will know that when I talk about acceptance, I am not talking about doormat, hands-in-the-air, giving up kind of acceptance, I am talking about fully yielding to what is in the moment.

We live in a society of discomfort-avoidance. We hate to feel bad, we hate mistakes, we hate imperfection. But the truth is there is much to be learned and gained from these negative moments. What we tend to do however, is engage with discomfort. I was totally engaged with it – so much so I felt a tenseness in my body, I was irritable, exhausted from the battle with discomfort. And then I felt even worse, because I didn’t want to feel that way!

When I let go and consciously choose to embrace the discomfort I was feeling and the discomfort my children’s cooped-up-in-the-house-over-Christmas behavior was making me feel, I was FREED.

What happened then, you may wonder?

When I choose to stop engaging with my mind, I was able to simply be. Be connected with my kids, be connected with my intuition guiding my actions, be connected with my environment and the beauty around me, be connected to the stillness that is always there, be connected to the moment and whatever was showing up in it!

Our break ended on a high note to say the least and Monday started with a peaceful mom, full of energy and creativity .

Embrace the discomfort in your life – either in your head or in your space, and the discomfort will fade and be replaced with resiliency and wisdom.





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