Happy Habits Script Ideas

Here you can access the new habit scripts you need to inspire your own NEW HABIT! Use them as is, create you own or combine inspirations from the scripts together with your own ideas.

I yell at my children to get them to listen to me/use curse words when angry/get short tempered/lack patience 

I compare myself to other moms and feel bad

I over-think problems and challenges doesn’t trust self to make decisions/Feel very overwhelmed and don’t know what to do as a parent./Stop worrying about daughter/I tend to over-focus on my child to the exclusion of myself, and also my husband/tend to futurize and then worry/tend towards a negative interpretation of life’s events

Being consistent in making time for my personal growth and serenity/ exhausted & collapse at the end of the day/I am so bogged down and tired with life that I don’t give quality time to my children/I lack a routine for taking care of me and recharging/putting other people’s needs before my own/starting my days late, sleeping in late

I am often distracted and not present with my children/I have a hard time just playing with my children and often feel bored/let the kids watch TV in preference to engaging with them, so I can get a bit of time to myself

Feelings of guilt

Let my problems, stressors, frustrations out on my kids (consciously or unconsciously) and let it impact my actions as a mom (OR WIFE)

I sometimes feel resentful towards my children for holding me back from life




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