How do your babies need LOVE?

November 13, 2011

I think one of the big lessons about being a mom is learning how to LOVE….

We think this is easy, that it comes naturally. Sure, the feelings of love come naturally but the act of loving we often loose sight of in our busy lives and sometimes loose sight of.

What does this mean?

For most of us, we have a language of love – a way that we both like to express and receive love. For me it is through words, for my husband it is through acts of kindness.

We understand this as adults and in good relationships try to understand and recognize our partners preferred way to communicate love. It is important to us and important to them. It is the stuff of healthy relationships.

But how do we recognize how our children need and communicate love?

Gary Chapman wrote, The 5 Love Languages and has a book out for parents as well, The 5 Love Languages of Children. I think the book does a good job starting the discussion, I also think there are more ways people love and look forward to exploring that in other discussions. But for this article, I suggest you take this quiz you can find out your communication style of yourself, your partner and your children.

So why is this important?

I can speak from my own perspective and hope that it translates to the rest of you. I feel driven to love the people I love in a way that fills them up, that makes them float off the ground, that makes them feel indestructible, that inspires love within them that connects them with the divine, beauty and other people. If that is also important to you, take the time to connect and learn about how your child needs to receive love from you and how he/she prefers to love you back. It can bring you closer, resolve misunderstandings and conflicts and add effortless joy into your life.

Go on…get to LOVING!!





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