For Sigrid, Happiness Breakthrough Expert at The
Joyful Mother, it is ALL about helping moms manifest their very
own version of a joyful life. Sigrid teaches moms the psychology of living life as a joyful mother. You see, long lasting,
deep joy doesn’t come from being perfect or doing it all or even
having it all, it’s about being in charge of what you think, how you feel and how you react to what life throws
your way, it’s about  shifting focus and begin cultivating joy from the inside out.

Sigrid sends moms who feel frazzled, overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted, a life line – empowering mothers with the tools they need to let LOVE show them the way.

For Sigrid, it is mastering these life skills that make for a truly joyful mother. read more about Sigrid here


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