Lessons from Spring….

May 11, 2009

I love spring…I know it is from living under the ice and snow for 6 or 7 months, but I just cannot get enough of it. Just in the last few days, the trees are becoming full of beautiful new leaves and my tulips I planted from bulbs just bloomed on my birthday (this past Saturday)!Just so much beauty to take in each day…every time I walk outside, it takes my breath away.

As I walk each day, putting the little one to sleep (he takes his nap in his pram everyday), I am reminded how nature can be so symbolic and inspiring for us in our human journey. I think firstly about timing….the seasons come and go in this natural flow. When spring is ready to spring, it happens effortlessly. I think about that a lot in terms of how we are so often in a rush to get somewhere, to do something, to be someone…Habitually, as a people, we have this one track mind focus on the end result, ultimately missing out on the ride – the journey – on life. When the snow finally melted here in April, I would look at the trees on my walk (we live in a forest…) and see the tiny buds – the hope, the potential of a leaf. It was just as beautiful, if not more, as the end product…the leaf I see today.

What would it be like to trust that the Universe or nature for that matter guided things for us in the same manner….could we let go and give in to such a concept? Can we trust that not everything in our life needs to be controlled or planned or guided by us? That timing, the timing of nature or Universal Flow is very much real for us too and if we look we can see that so often the things that are best for us happen to us at the right time, and in the right way.

Another thing I see when I look at nature is nature’s total lack of resistance. As humans we put much effort into resisting what is because in our minds we see and desire things to be another way. I watched these amazing Birch trees today, just floating and dancing in the wind – the sight was almost hypnotic as they allowed themselves to sway with the wind. Of course they couldn’t fight it if they wanted to, but it leaves me thinking about my own resistance in my life and reminding me that as I let go of needing things to be a certain way, I too can flow with life and go with whatever comes my way.

It has taken me a lot of letting go to believe full in this. But I do, and it has been the most freeing, liberating lesson. I don’t have to figure it all out….Thank God! I trust in my Flow, in Nature, in the Universe and its love for me. Embracing this belief has freed me from caring really about whether certain things happen. I wake up each morning and tune myself into my Flow, staying open and alert – taking in my life in each moment. The anticipation of each unfolding moment, for me is like Christmas…you just don’t know what pleasing sights are under that tree. That is not to say I don’t have dreams or hopes or goals – I sure do! But if I allow myself to let go of the resistance that comes from needing these things to happen, these thing actually end up flowing effortlessly to me! I get out of my own way and enjoy my life! This is LIVING…

What can you learn from contemplating nature you see around you right now? What does it tell you about your Flow? How can you today, get out of your own way?

Many blessings!

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