Letter to My Babies – 5 Steps To Generating Joy

May 5, 2012

My children,

For you I wish a life filled with JOY. So many people you will meet in your life will struggle with finding real lasting joy in their lives and yet joy, I believe, is always with us. Tucked away in the background just waiting to come out and play.

So my grander wish for you, even more than my wish for a joy filled life, is that you know your own ROAD to JOY. That you know how to generate your own joy. Because when you understand this you are free. You will never feel like a victim in life, you will never feel hopeless or lost, you will never wonder who you are, you will never care about other people’s opinion over your own, you will never feel disconnect from yourself or the people you love and you will never feel that life is dull.

So here are 5 sign posts on the ROAD to JOY that I will teach you through your life. These are doorways where true and lasting joy can be cultivated. But be easy on yourself through life. Sometimes you won’t feel that joyful sizzle and that is ok. Learn from these moments, breathe and then focus on one of these –>

1. Novelty –> Be proud of your uniqueness! There is nothing beneficial in being the same as everyone else. That is playing life safe and there is no lasting joy in that. Dare to speak your voice, dare to express yourself. Being different was the thing in my life that gave me so much confidence. Standing out of the crowd is a lot less scary than people think. Stand tall and proud and know that you are always loved.

2. Challenge –> Always reach for more of life. Expand, learn, step out of your comfort zone. The Universe is constantly expanding and we are part of the Universe. If you are not expanding you are not able to feel true, lasting joy. Trust your inner voice, be courageous and dare to grow.

3. Connection –> Choose real connection. Choose your relationships based on how they make you feel. Never maintain a relationship with someone without your inner voice applauding your choice. You are never alone, there is no reason to settle.

4. Creativity –> Notice your creativity, use it, grow it. Creativity isn’t just about drawing a beautiful picture, it is about expressing yourself in a way that impacts yourself and others. Creativity is about letting your inner voice inspire your hands! Each day when you go to sleep make sure you have created at least one thing…a good meal, wellness in your body, a happy home, a new idea, joy in your heart, joy in another’s heart.

5. Energy –> See energy, sense it, understand that it is energy that creates your world. Become the master of your mind. If you cannot manage your mind, you cannot truly mange anything else in your life to its fullest potential. Never forget your own power, your ability to shape and craft your life exactly the way you want it to feel.

And REMEMBER….you are responsible for generating JOY in your life. It isn’t something you have or don’t have, it is something you generate. And your joy it is not the world’s job, your spouses job, your children’s job, our job as your parents, your friends job. Take joy seriously, make it fun, make it real and tangible. You have everything inside of yourself right now to live joyfully. I believe in you and I love you. Watching your life unfold gives me so much joy…

I love you so…

Your Mama


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