Letting go

January 26, 2009

So, I think its safe to say that the majority of us feel frustrated, anxious and stressful when we really really want something specific to happen in our lives and at the moment it just isn’t in our grasp  – we want everything to happen right away and feel let down when it takes time. We humans have such a strong desire to control the circumstances of our lives. We make goals and then almost force them into existence. This urge to control being particularly heavy and painful when the “thing” we want is so very important to us.

But the reality is that we cannot always control or even influence the circumstances that cause certain things to happen or not happen in our life and the pushing, pulling and forcing (psychological manipulation) doesn’t help either and more times than not leaves us feeling even more hopeless, sad and stressed. Controlling starts the Universe on the negative path of bringing you more things to control. Being controlling is just another form of limiting. When you try to wrangle control over a situation, you are in essence, only limiting it.

So what is the alternative you ask? To let go. Letting go is a form of feeling UNLIMITED. I am a person that has been know to be very impatient …I get an inspired or passionate idea or a desire and I will go to great lengths to make it happen – completely focused energy. But I have learned a few things about myself – that this focused energy and passion is most delicious when it feels fun and effortless but the moment things don’t work out in the way I had anticipated or not fast enough – I start getting anxious, fearful and unhappy. To notice when this happens is key for me. When I notice it – I simply LET GO – stop pushing on it – I create psychological distance between myself and my “problem”. I put on music that calms my mind or go out for a walk or play with my children – something physical that gets me out of my HEAD….

Right now I have have a couple things that are bothering me – worries – concerns – dilemmas – but each time they pop up in my head I don’t engage with them, they don’t consume me – I just let go and go to that nice quiet place in my head (sound a bit like a split personality diagnosis..hehehe). And I am free. I don’t get dragged down by the issues. I know that solutions will come – my life will unfold beautifully, I am not worried. When I am ready to look at the issue again – this space allows me to see it in a more positive light. My lack of engagement with my mind doesn’t mean that I have disengaged with the world – quite the opposite. I have more patience, more compassion, more love flowing through me than ever before. I would say simply that I have tamed my mind – I am in control of it now….no longer will I be a victim of my mind. It is now my tool for positive creation.

What can you let go of today?


Oh! I love this music to quiet the mind and I love this image below…



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