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January 6, 2010

Wow…2010 – I like the sound of that! I can’t wait to see how 2010 unfolds for you, for me and for the world…exciting times!

I wanted to write today about living in the past. So many of us do this. We do it to such an extent often, that we don’t even know we are doing it.

What do I mean by this? I mean we all get attached to the stuff that happens to us. Good stuff and bad stuff. In the extreme, some of us even get stuck there. Take my lovely mother for example. Man what a life she has lived….she was beyond beautiful when she was younger (still is I think), had all sorts of fun experiences, traveled a ton, experienced amazing love, had twins :-), lived the good life all in all. Fast forward 20 years, her husband has died, experienced major transition during this time – totally new life style, new country, and although the basic fundamentals of a fantastic, blissful life are lying at her feet….she years for the days of old.

So, I know I am not 70 – meaning I may lack her perspective. But, I consider this a waste.

When we find ourselves consumed by thoughts of the past, turning them over and over in our head, I should have done this differently, If only I could experience that again, etc, etc…, we end up disconnected from life. Our current relationships suffer, we are less able to be innovative, creative and solve our challenges, joy, love and contentment are unavailable to us, and confidence eludes us.

And it isn’t just past events that hold us back from really living. It is habits created in the past that limit us as well. We tell ourselves hundreds of “truths” each day about who we are, our abilities and what we believe is possible in our lives. We limit ourselves massively by doing this. Here are some common ones:

I am not good at that
I will never really be successful
I will never be good enough
I don’t deserve…..
I couldn’t do that
I don’t know how
There is no way that would happen
I could never dare to live my dream
This is just who I am…
I can’t

No matter if the actual events of the past consume you or you are stuck in old ways of thinking…both of these stop you from truly embracing the gift of life. This gift is only available in the present moment.

Everything that happens to us has some sort of learning in it. Fear or limited thinking also has valuable information for our lives. It is important then to sit down and try to extract the learnings from these things. We all have this vast source of wisdom within us. This wisdom comes forth via our intuition and with a little practice, you can create a connection to this essential part of yourself which will always provide you with your “truths”. Here are 3 steps to help you tune into your intuition or “inner guide”:

1. Ground yourself
When we find ourselves with a very active mind…thinking and rethinking issues in our life, we are far from a grounded state. When your energy is grounded you are fully present or whole – physically, mentally and energetically. Your mind quiets, you sense and register the things around you, your environment. And here and only here are you able to hear your inner voice. TAKE A DEEP BREATH! There…you are grounded! Here is are bit more extensive grounding techniques for you to explore.

2. Ask your inner guide
From this grounded place, you are now able to connect with this intuitive place within you. Whenever I am stuck or can’t obviously find the solution to a challenge, I ask my inner guide. Here I ask the question and then imagine it floating up into the sky away from me. I literally hand my problem off to the Universe to solve. Usually within minutes, or sometimes hours or even days, I get a clear intuitive hit relating to my question. It is always the “right” answer for me or a truth I needed to connect to.

3. Let go…
Now that you have extracted the learning or realized an important aspect to your situation, let it go. Simply allow both the tension of the situation and the feeling of resolution go. Let it leave your physical system. When you release emotional baggage, you are transported into the NOW.

4. Get mindful
Begin looking around you – notice where you are, what do you hear, what do you see, what are you feeling. Notice your breathing. Be slow with your actions – noticing your body move. What do you want to feel in the next moment…step into what is available here for you now.

We have to learn to live – this means learning to disconnect with thoughts that hold us back and embrace life. We do this by ffirstly recognize that we can be liberated, then to begin to practice the skills of living and create new, empowering habits.

Many blessing on your journey to NOW!

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