Who is Sigrid?

A Joyful Mother

FamilyTJMMany people wonder if I practice what I preach. I sure do. When I was new at this game of motherhood, I failed miserably at it. Not in terms of what other people saw, but in terms how I felt about my performance. I sucked at it. Well, maybe not sucked at it, but I was irritated and angry a lot. But I got it together, I took responsibility for my own JOY and now that joy is habitual and it has transformed my life and family. I have never in my life felt happier and the coolest thing about this happy place is that I know how to keep it alive, I know how to get back to it when life throws me lemons and I know how to teach it to my children.

All of the programs I create, the blog posts I write, the inspiration I spread on my TJM Facebook page have come from my own life, my own process of improvement, my own dedication to live as the BEST VERSION OF ME. The two things you should know about me and what fuels me every day are 1) I am passionate about my own joy and 2) I am passionate about YOU discovering YOUR own joyful life!

What else? Well I am ….

A Non-Conformist
As anyone close to me could report, if you tell me to do something your way….I rebel. There is nothing that irritates me more than when someone thinks they know the solutions to my challenges.

As a Non-Conformist you can count on me to:

  • Facilitate change your way. When working directly with me, you get to run the show. Through facilitation, you get to choose where we are going, how fast we go and how long it takes. You get to decide how it is going to taste, feel and look. Imagine me (I know goofy analogy…) as the wind beneath your wings! You are doing the work, I get to be the one reminding you to keep flapping those wings and to enjoy the ride!

AboutTJMA Dare-Devil
Not long ago, my mother commented on how brave she thought I was for packing up my family and all my belongings and moving to Dubai. I never saw it as brave, I saw it as natural and simply the only next step for myself and my family. Many of my decisions in life may seem brave, but because they clearly resonate with my life’s path, I have no fear.

As a Dare-Devil you can count on me to:

  • Getting clear about where you want to go and how you want to feel is nr. 1. From there I will help you take actions that resonate with your life’s path. Fear becomes a non issue when you KNOW what you are doing is simply…the right thing to do.

A Grounded Idealist
I believe in LOVE. I believe that there is more well-being out there in the world and in our lives that the opposite. I believe that my dreams are achievable, but that I have to do more than just dream. In order to achieve all that I wish to achieve I must engage in “right action”. That is not just action to be doing something to be busy, undirected movement, but action that is inspired, that makes me feel good.

As a Grounded Idealist you can count on me to:

  • Believe in your dreams as much as you do! I will help you harness that passion, that positivity in concrete ways so that you too can be, have and do all that you wish in this lovely life!
  • Help you tap into your inner voice, that place where you can find that inspiration to need to craft your joyful life.

I LOVE the women I work with.

Women so dedicated to their own and their children’s happiness – I am in awe! I provide for them a spiritually practical approach to improving their lives. I have the unique ability to take, what often can be, complicated or hard to understand spiritual concepts and make them “user- friendly” and easily adaptable for anyones life.

In all of my written products or in my one to one coaching with clients, I combine insight and learning and use practical exercises that allow their new awareness’s and learnings to be felt and experienced in their day to day lives – this a powerful way to instill new, more empowering habits.

Are you interested in working with me? I have various online Programs conveniently available to you no matter where you are on globe, aimed at helping you facilitate improvement in your life. I also offer a tailor-made Personalized Consultation to help kick start you on your path to that Best Version of YOU, as well as various coaching packages for those of you ready and committed for this real lasting change process.

If you are curious about which to choose, contact me and I will answer all of your questions!




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