As we explored the last chapters of the  TJM Love Study, I was  inspired me to take you on a journey – as if the last 5 months together haven’t been enough! You see, I have made systematically throwing off the chains of my ego and connecting with my innate ability to create my life as my STUDY for the last 5 years. And, although I have created a bunch of amazing things in my life, I feel drawn to take that skill to the next level! I thought to myself in January (and many of you seemed to agree), wouldn’t it be amazing if I could take a group of enthusiastic women through a 1 year process teaching them all that I have learned over the course of these years and to explore and fine-tune even more avenues to accessing our innate ability to craft and co-create our life?!

You see learning to “unlearn” the habits of the ego, as you have already have experienced, is sometimes an uphill battle. Just when we think we have nailed it and reached this amazing place inside our minds, WHAM! Ego comes rushing in through any crack we have left open.

We are all journing into a deeper realm of who we are and what is possible for us. I have felt this during our time together and I know you have too. We are cracking the code to joyful living and seeing, understanding and more importantly, experiencing how learning to live from consciously from FLOW is THE basis of attracting to us all that we truly desire, both tangibly and intangible. But learning to live from FLOW and learn the skill of consciously co-creating (with the universe) our lives takes finesse, practice, dedication, time and commitment. The most powerful setting to learn to become a masterful manifestor is in a group of like minded people and we have that! The rest we will master during the course of this year, together.

I have yet to know exactly the framework for how it is all going to unfold – you know me, I figure things out as I go, but I do know that the next year will include:

LIVE lessons and Q&A’s

Dynamic forum

Partnerships – manifesting buddies

Personal one on one coaching with me available

Contest and celebrations

Have an “Ego Hotline” – idea under development – will put it out to the group asap

TONS OF FUN manifesting our desires!

I have so many ideas and ways I hope to inspire you, work with you, support you and so hope you wish to join me on this amazing journey. It is going to be magical for all of us, because we ARE going to make some serious shifts in our life, attract some BIG desires into our life, become more centered, peaceful, in FLOW – all of which will equip you to be the most JOYFUL version of you.

To take part in the year long Mommifesting journey, I ask that you contribute with your choice of donation each month. All funds will be used to publish my first book ~ The Joyful Mother Within, specifically put towards publishing, marketing and PR. Thank YOU!

You can choose any of these monthly donation levels – $50, $40, $30, $20, $10. If, at any point during the year, you would like to increase or decrease your contribution for any reason, just connect with me and we will make that happen. If a monthly donation of any kind is hard for you to budget in, I will be offering a few scholarships to those really wanting to participate, but are experiencing economic challenges. Contact me for more info and to apply.

Once you have submitted your monthly donation, you will be taken to a page with more info. Give your computer a few moments after the Paypal transaction is completed – it should take you right there. If you are not automatically directed there, shoot me an email and I will send you the link.

Can’t wait for our Mommifesting journey with YOU!

Monthly Donations ~

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