My Letter To Fear…

January 17, 2012

Dear Fear, Oh Great One That Holds Me Back,

I understand. I really do. I am over you and it hurts. Break-ups are always hard. But we have gone as far as we can go together. You linger in my mind, there is no doubt. Flashes of agitation, anxiety, worry, doubt, concern, cold feet, misgivings and uneasiness are still with me sometimes. But today I choose to pull you close and wrap you in my essence, my love. You are only small and weak and scared, like a child in many ways. I wrap my arms around you and send you all the love I can muster. And you may pop up again in my mind, understandable since we have been together for so long, but then I send you more love and hold you even closer….

And you fade….your power over me dissolves and disappears like mist. And I feel free….

Because you are not really a part of me, nor were you really ever – not the real me. Now is the time, right now is the moment where I choose to OWN myself, my joy, my potential, my WHOLE self and there is no space for you in this new reality. I refuse to be held back by you, to be limited, to be cut off at the knees. Not now…not anymore.

My spirit now fills the space where you had once filled. A delicious, joyful, tingling feeling! Full of hope, freedom and the potential for ANYTHING I can conjure!

Thank you fear for trying to keep me safe, for having my back. But I got it from here….WATCH out world!!






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  • Nina Riley January 23, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    What a unique post. Yes, fear can take over every move and thought we make. I don’t want not to experience life because of fear , so I just get on with it and think of what will happen – never! Great post. Glad to have found your blog.