Our Most Important Work As Parents

(This is a continuation of my post earlier this week. Part 1 of my interview with Shelly Lefkoe, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Guide to Effective Parenting can be accessed here.)

In this last part of our interview, Shelly and I bring up numerous challenging parenting situations and how really every struggle we face as parents has its roots in our belief system.

Shelly also emphasized the importance of taking the cultivating positive beliefs in our children seriously. We have the BIG job of being responsible for the development of a spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical being and what we say matters to their healthy development! Listen to Part 2 of the interview now:


What is so fantastic about Shelly’s approach and her program, Parenting the Lefkoe Way is that it so authentically puts you into your child’s world of perception – a reality we don’t often visit as parents. She creates opportunity after opportunity for you as a parent to really empathize and understand your child from where they are NOW. This allows you the ability to successfully shape your child’s belief system to support a happy and healthy life. This understanding and greater ability to “see” your child also allows you to speak in a way that inspires good behavior in your child.

Parenting the Lefkoe Way is an online program that will equip you with the skills you need to consciously shape your children’s beliefs for a life-time of happiness, self-confidence and success.

Just a few of the things you will learn:

  • A wealth of tools to navigate through some of the toughest parenting situations WITHOUT having your kids form negative beliefs about themselves or the world.
  • How to adopt new, more empowering beliefs around your role as parent
  • How to know the outcome on your children’s beliefs of YOUR beliefs
  • How to build self esteem in your child
  • How things outside the home (school, friends) impact your children’s beliefs and how to stay connected and supportive.
  • How to nip your children’s negative beliefs in the bud and learn a process to help them shift those limiting beliefs

Shelly is offering the Joyful Mother community a 25% discount on this amazing product. I am knee deep in the program myself and would love for you to join me in the journey. My favorite part so far? Negotiating with my littlest one and finding ways to get his little active butt to do what I need him to do when I need him to do it, without making him wrong.

This program has been a super addition to my parenting approach. Hope you will find it as useful to you. IThank you Shelly!

To find out more and take advantage of the discount, go here -> Parenting the Lefkoe Way – The Joyful Mother Discount

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