Problems and Our Truth Telling Filter!

February 3, 2012

Where in your life do you make problems where they’re really aren’t any?

I am going to venture a guess here and say that all of us wish we could just turn off our brains sometimes, am I right? Let me here an “Amen to that!” Our minds habit of engaging with what at the onset is just a passing thought, but when the mind has its way with it, becomes a full fledged PROBLEM in no time.

We can live for years, often lifetimes, reeling from the lies, the made up stories that our minds whisper to us.

But what if we got wise to the game? What if we started to understand the fact that the brain is only the processor of sensory information from our environment and NOT the teller of truths…The brain has no truth telling filter! Our truth telling filter comes from a deeper place – this place where our inner knowing or truth resides. The voice of our instinct or what a friend of mine calls it our “quiet knowing“.

When you understand this, you are liberated from being “tricked” by your brain into believing every single thought you think as THE TRUTH. You begin to understand that you have the power to choose what you focus on and ultimately what your life feels like.

The brain loves to make problems where there really are none. The “ego”, in Eckhart Tolle’s definition of the word derives its very identity from these “problems”. Tolle describes the ego as “an “illusory sense of self’ based on unconscious identification with one’s memories and thoughts.”

So let’s illustrate this by looking at my brain for a second…

My brain has pumped “YOU ARE FAT” into my consciousness ever since my last pregnancy. Every time I would look into the mirror, I would see fat. And my brain found more and more ways to confirm this “reality”. Almost everywhere I looked, I would be reminded about feeling fat. It was like a feeding frenzy for my brain and I didn’t even realize it. I thought that fat was just part of me….I believed every thought my brain told me and I ultimatly felt like crap about my body, about myself.

Until the process began of slowing waking up, out of the insantiy of my brain. I started challenging my thoughts each day. I began looking in the mirror and when thoughts of disgust would pop in my mind, I would ask myself “is that really true?” I mean, was I really justified in feeling like crap about my body? I mean, yes, I have like 20lbs to “release” before the picture of the “ideal” me and the actual me match, but I ALSO started to see something else. Underneath the negative thoughts and emotions was this TRUTH emerging, smiling and shining behind the cloud, just waiting to be seen.

I was beautiful.

“Look at those legs girlfriend! And those toes…adorable! And those arms…divine. How about that décolletage…damn girl! What a rack!!” My curves, my youth, the shine of my skin, my hair…my face was GLOWING!

Now, this new found JOY (because that is what it so felt like) didn’t suddenly take away the extra 20lbs residing in my ass, but it did something maybe even better…it no longer made it a problem. Now I am in a place where I am excited and motivated from the inside to get to that “ideal” image of me in my head. The actions towards a leaner me have become effortless.

So, what are you believing are problems in your life but upon a bit closer examination are actually not such big deals? I know this may be a stretch for some of you because we are often very attached to our “problems”, they define us often times. but think about a “problem” you are facing right now and ask yourself this…is there really a problem here or is this my monkey mind wanting to engage?

Observe your mind, question the aparent “truths” your mind is trying to tell you, then listen to YOUR TRUTH underneath the mental noise. Then our mind quiets and we can look at our current challenges and DO something to fix them from that place of “quiet knowing”…

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