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I am a cautious person and don’t just jump into things, but I have to say I had a very positive gut feel right away when first browsing Sigrid’s website. A lot of things she was writing about seemed to cover what I was dealing with, plus I could sense a lot of positive energy. In addition to that, her professional credits, e.g. CTI certification, were convincing as well. So I decided to contact her.

When contacting her by mail I asked her a few questions that were really important to me (her approach, how she proceeds, cost per session etc.) and I was very pleased with her response. Sigrid offers a cost-free initial session to make sure the right chemistry is there. After this trial session I was entirely sure she was the right person.

Working with Sigrid has opened a whole new world to me. I had lost my so-called spiritual base and she pointed to that already in our first session. Another big issue was the negative thoughts or what she calls the monkey-mind in your head. She gave me the tools to change the negative thinking and asked the right questions. Not always easy, but that’s what a coach is for, right?!

I am really grateful for contacting her. Meeting with Sigrid has definitely changed the way I deal with the things that life throws at me. I do no longer fight the apparently negative things or people I am confronted with. I rather look for the positive aspects and I can let go. Of course, not all days are the same and there are always moments when the negative thinking is trying to take over, but due to what Sigrid has taught me I can bounce back much more easily to piece of mind. That has made a huge impact on my everyday life and my happiness.

I would recommend working with Sigrid to anyone who wants to shift from negative thinking to positive thinking, who wants to get unstuck from negative beliefs and tap into the positive energy inside oneself. Sigrid herself is the living example of what she is teaching. I think I have never met another person with so much positive energy.  –Britta, Oslo, Norway

“Ah Sigrid, what an amazing soul to know. She has helped me in so many ways that it’s really hard to put it all into words. Before I met Sigrid I had how I wanted my day to go in my mind and and then I fought everything that came into my day that didn’t mesh with my expectations . I ended the day feeling low, looking at my to do list and seeing the few and far between check marks.

Sigrid didn’t give me all the answers. She just knew the perfect questions to ask to help me find the answers on my own. She helped me to see that I just needed to be clear and state how I wanted my day to go in terms of feelings. How did I want to feel at the end of my day? And then she helped me to see that I needed to trust. Trust that the universe is giving me what I need and what I want. Trust that what was coming into my day was what I needed to get me to the place that I wanted for myself and my family.

I could fill her entire blog up with all of the insights that I have acquired thanks to her guidance and wise words. I no longer fight my day. I accept what the universe is putting before me and do my best to learn from the lessons sent to me. I am a happier, more fulfilled and joyful person because the universe loved me enough to put her in my path.

She is a light and guides others with the glow she emanates. She has guided me to a place filled with trust, acceptance, joy and love. And I am so glad that she is in the world helping others find the answers that they need in order to live a more fulfilled, joyful life. Love you Sigrid and all that you do! – April, USA

Sigrid was the first coach we used at Hocus Focus, our small post production company based in Oslo, Norway and the first coaching experience for myself.  I did not know what to expect from a coach at the onset of the process and was exited to see what was in hand for us. We decided to hire Sigrid as our coach because of her enthusiasm and positive energy.

Sigrid has taught us at Hocus Focus and myself a lot. She has shown us how to be able to be present in our work. She has given us the possibility to see ourselves in a bird perspective, and to meet each other in the communication with love and not fear. All the experiences I have had with Sigrid, I take with me in the future.

I would recommend Sigrid to all people who feel the need to be “seen” and to learn how to see their colleagues, friends or family and for anyone who wants to learn about tools to de-stress and to be fully present in your life. –Lene, Oslo, Norway

Sigrid asked the essential questions that made me reevaluate my conventional wisdom. I was able to look at my situation with fresh eyes. Thanks to her, I feel more like I can trust this exciting process called life! -Barbara, USA

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