Is reality bringing you down?

March 22, 2011

We have an addiction in this society, a hard fixation to reality. We suck in the news like air, thinking we must be updated with the newest disasters in order to feel connected to the rest of humanity, to feel like we care, to be in the know.

But what does this addiction really do to us?

I give you my mother as a typical illustration. If CNN isn’t running in the background, she is either out or sleeping. Both my sister and I live abroad. My sister in South Korea and me, “god forbid” (her words), in the Middle East. She calls us intermittently with her worries and concerns. All of course understandable from a mother’s perspective. All mothers worry when they can’t be there to almost physically protect their children. I get that both as a mother and as a child.

But unfortunately, the intense negativity of constantly watching “reality” happening real time, she has developed a fearful, skeptical, almost panic-stricken state of being. There is not one conversation that we have that isn’t full of fear. These conversations aren’t only about the state of the world, they are about picking raspberries (“watch out for the bees”!) or eating fish (“watch out for the bones!”) or eating a piece of cake (“watch out, you don’t want to get fat!”) or driving in the car (“watch out for the crazy drivers!”). It is ongoing and never-ending and I cannot imagine the angst and suffering this must give her in her life.

Why do we this?

Because of the lack of information, we erroneously believe that “reality” – what is happening in the moment is our life…full stop. Accept reality – it is just the way it is….This however, is only part of the truth. Reality has much more depth than we realize.

Life is moving and changing in every moment. But, we take a snap shot of this motion and call it reality.

Einstein’s 1905 formula E = mc2 explains the relationship between Energy and matter, i.e., that Energy and matter are interchangeable – that, in reality, everything is Energy – dancing, fluid, ever-changing Energy.

This energy is influenced by our thoughts. It is shapeable, formable, and moldable. As creators of our lives, we shape, form and mold the energy of the Universe through our thoughts. We transform the Energy of our thoughts into the Energy of our reality – what we see every day.

We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. Quantum physics says just the opposite. It says that what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. It says that our world is shaped by our thoughts.

Since nothing is fixed and everything is in a state of potential, everything is possible. As we understand that everything is possible, and as we focus our thoughts on what we want to attract, we can literally call into existence whatever we desire.

When we see static undesirable situations, the dismal economy, poverty and suffering, violence, ect.., these “realities” are vibrational residue….the consequence of so many people focusing, thinking, feeling, engaging with these negative “realities”.

This is where people get hung up.

“How can we be witness to all this death and destruction and not be affected negatively”. I understand that.

The thing is that if you want a different reality, a different set of circumstances, a different world for your children, you MUST think differently.

This quote by Mother Teresa says it all “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Let us feel the negativity, then learn to let it go and instead focus on, think, feel, engage with the positive. Let’s send out LOVE and HOPE and OPTIMISM to those in need around the world. Let’s have pro-peace rallies, let’s celebrate all that is positive. According to the Law of Polarity, for every negative situation, every negative occurrence has a corresponding positive. So when you feel the worst, you must know that there is something positive, something that feels better right around the corner. It is up to you to see it, to value it and to choose it.

Positive thinking doesn’t just make you feel better, it changes worlds.



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