Release Meditation

Overwhelm is a biggie isn’t it? Over-thinking and worry and even fear can take hold and feel like a vice grip around our throat. Seriously limiting our ablity to be joyful or even optimistic in our lives.

This is a super simple meditation (a little over 3 min) that you can do when you feel your thoughts taking over. I must tell you that this meditation made one of the biggest differences in my life. I used to do this release meditation 3 times a day and you know what? It worked. I no longer am victimized by my own mind, my fears and my worries, but use this technique to be the master of my mind. And I have used this technique with dozens and dozens of clients, all with the same kind of positive effects.

But remember, this is just for you! So please keep it to yourself right now, I am not publicly publishing this page because I am going to include this meditation in an online course that I will be launching in January, but since the topic of over-thinking came up in the group, I felt I had to share. So I hope you enjoy this, practice it and make it a part of your life. It will make a difference!!


Downloadable file: ReleaseMeditation

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