Standing in Our Own Way!

December 4, 2011

I have come to a pivotal point in my life. You see I am tired of knowing what I want more of and only taking baby steps towards it, of not moving with a vengeance forward and claiming it! I am tired of unconsciously (sometimes consciously) sabotaging my desires, my best efforts, my most wonderfully laid plans.


So often we hold ourselves back, out of the light, in what shadows of what is truly possible. All because of the THOUGHTS that we think.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have gotten pretty good at manifesting amazing experiences in my life in the last few years (with my manifesting side-kick for a husband!):

  • My husband and I consciously created the reality we now live – an amazing adventure living in another country
  • I have consciously created an amazing business and thriving community via social media to communicate my message and inspire moms
  • I have consciously opened myself up to the words within me that inspire and transform others
  • My husband and I have consciously created financial abundance and security
  • I have consciously drawn to me amazing friends and inspirational business connections

But, on this path of mastering the art of manifestation, you will get stuck and getting stuck is good!! And in this place of delicious stuck-ness is where I been lounging for some weeks now! You see, we are typically afraid of negative feelings, of feeling limited, out of control, confused, insecure. But then I remembered! These feelings are NOT meant to defeat me! They are meant to inspire, to guide, to illuminate the path ahead. They help me get clearer about what it is that I DO want and as that picture gets clearer, it opens the door to greater feelings of limitlessness, control, knowing, courage, and of confidence.

So it is here that I have found myself, on the cusp of something….MORE, something GREATER and I felt fear.

I now refuse however, to let this fear stop me. I have a plan. A plan to bypass the fear and step into my light! What to hear it? Here it is…

  1. I am going to LISTEN to my fear. What is my fear trying to tell me? I hear whispers of fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of incompetence
  2. What are those fears trying to tell me? Well, that I am entering into a place I haven’t been before (I hear Homer Simpsons voice “I am in a place I don’t know where I am….!). I may not be as confident or have the experience I need to KNOW exactly what course of action to always take, but I have another source of power – my INTUITION.
  3. So what am I going to do? I am going to imagine where I am going, I am going to trust my voice and my intuition on absolutely  that I find myself busy with and I am going to step into BOLD ACTION. I will make achievable lists of tasks that pull me closer, each day, into my light, my potential, my future.

I believe so strongly that we, as humans, are so much more powerful than we dare to realize. That anything we feel pulled, drawn to being, having or doing…we can manifest in our lives. What we call stress are these limiting, restrictive, resistant thoughts that wreak havoc within us! The secret to living a joyful life, to living a stress free life is to believe in our POWER and learn the skills that take our power from within us and into the world.  When we look at our thoughts as guiding lights, they change their impact on us completely, freeing us forever.

Today practice looking at what your limiting thoughts are trying to tell you. If the answers are not clear, meditate on it or sit in quiet contemplation. Tell yourself that those answers are within you and decide to look there.

I can’t wait to take you further along on exactly this journey in my soon to be released 8 week online coaching program, the Mommy Meltdown Cure. We are going to have such fun…Email me at if you want to be informed, kept in the inner loopty-loop of the release of this program!

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