Staying open…Wow – what a feeling!

March 6, 2009

Hello again!! I am so full of energy today – after starting the week with the blahs….so good to see the payoff of consciously making choices around the thoughts I think and the actions I take (loving my super clean and organized house!) – all of which helps levitate me to such blissful heights! So I have more to share of course.I love writing this blog – so therapeutic for me :-)

So if you look on the back of my cabinet in my bathroom (and kitchen for that matter) you will see about 20 post-it notes – reminders for me of the thoughts that I want to think. After I have seen the notes for like 10 days and move on to the next one. But, almost all of them center around staying present in the moment, grounding myself, reminders that life is actually effortless when I am in my flow, trusting the Universe and its love for me and on and on….yet all of these “thought habits” that I have been working on instilling center around one concept – my ability to to stay OPEN. The thing that happens when I am in my closed state i feel stuck in worry, in the fear of the unknown (which is a biggie for me – my need to control my circumstances has gotten in my way for so long) and I close myself off from possibility, from creative thought from love and joy in the moment and from everything I wish to manifest in the future. So sad and not anything I am willing to do to myself and my life anymore!

So, as of this fabulous Martini Friday (always a ice cold james bond martini on fridays) I have stepped into full responsibility for my life – that means to me that it is my conscious responsibility to be on top of what kinds of thoughts I think – that is if I wish to actually have and be everything I wish to have and be!And a key element in this way of life is to stay OPEN – open then to whatever comes to me in each precious moment, open to a non-judgmental attitude about what does show up in my life, a detachment for anything having to look a certain way, each moment then has this “Christmas Eve” feeling – you know? Exciting baby!!!  – nothing really that bad can show up when I am focused on being open in each moment – at least nothing that I know I could not handle.

This is the place where peace, joy, creativity, confidence, appreciation, opportunity, choice, the feelings of success and abundance not only exist but thrive.

What does being OPEN feel like to you? How can you feel your energy shift in the moment you move from being closed to being OPEN. For me it is energetic as well as visual – I literally see me physically moving from a hunched over, downward focusing stance and into a standing tall, upward focused place – relaxed, grounded, present and with my gaze gently placed on what shows up. Try feeling OPENNESS visually at first. This could often be the window to experience the feeling of OPENNESS.

Many blessings!

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  • Reply Darlene Siddons March 6, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    great blog….and staying open to all possibilities is the great way to be….it is my new year resolution….here is another option rather than and/or in additon to a vision board…Vision Map Videos….they are for your eyes only and can be added to all your electronic devices and you can carry them with you all the time…enjoy!!!

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