Stress management revamped! Your JOY Default

April 11, 2011

How can happiness combat stress and how can I get me some!?!

Wow! I am so glad you asked that!

This is my take on life…humans have, what I like to call, a natural JOY default. By the simple act of being alive, we have a predisposition, a birth right if you will, to feeling joy, happiness and ease.

Not your life experience huh?! No, you are not alone. For most of us, this joy default is heavily hidden but not all together undiscernable. You notice it when you feel a tug for something more, an urge for an easier, more effortless life, moments of unexpected flow and lightness, intuitive hits full of ideas and inspiration for creative solutions in life or at work, the complete joy of humor and laughter, a good time. We have moments of the JOY default all the time. The problem is we expect life to be hard, to be a struggle and so just as quickly cover it up with fear, doubt, worry, frustration or anger.

Joy and feeling good is always there, in the moment. It isn’t just covered up feeling negative emotion, but by engaging with negative emotion. The intention here is not to deny feeling bad, we all feel like crap once and a while, have fearful thoughts, doubt our ability, but when we engage with every single one and relate to each one. We have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day and the majority thoughts are negative.  Add a very active inner conversationalist (the monkey mind – a very common trait among us women) into the mix and you will be as far away from your JOY default as possible.

Uncovering your JOY default is all about getting to know that place within you, recognizing the joy perspective in any moment. It is about learning to be optimistic, positive and aware that good feelings are possible in any moment. It is about recongnizing you DO have power over your own life, you have the power to change your future based on the thoughts that you think RIGHT NOW.

Remember how I said we expected life to be hard, to be stressful, to be a struggle? What do you think shows up in your life when you expect it to be hard? Heavy, hard times is what you’ll get, no doubt. Now what if you were to cultivate an expectation of ease and effortlessnes? Consciously nurture a belief system that allowed the JOY default to grow and expand…..isn’t that what you are wanting more of in your life? Isn’t that where you feel that inner tug wanting to take you?

 Expect JOY and see what happens….

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