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The Joyful Mother’s Book Nook is a series of book reviews interviewing authors of inspirational children’s stories and CDs. I am profoundly inspired by children’s books and believe that often when I can’t find the words to inspire my children, these authors can.

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Past Reviews:

Picnic on a Cloud, by Lu Hanessian

”Lu Hanessian’s book demonstrates the subtle importance of acknowledging a child’s unique experience of reality and to how this acknowledgment can create a bridge to deeper connection.”–Peggy O’Mara Editor and Publisher, Mothering

”A beautiful book that speaks to the hearts of kids, parents…and grandparents!”–Martha and Dr. Bill Sears

Picnic on a Cloud is a celebration of every child’s creative imagination and every parent’s power to support it whole-heartedly..” –Scott Noelle, author of The Daily Groove: How to Enjoy Parenting… Unconditionally!

To purchase Picnic on a Cloud, visit Amazon

Listen (or download) to my interview with the author and amazing woman, Lu Hanessian!


Polka-Dot Girlby Sonia Clark Foster and Christa Simone Foster

“Polka-Dot Girl Empowers Children.” Izzy Kalman, Psychotherapist, NYC

“Great Little Book about overcoming being hurt by words”
Dixie Frantz, Humble Tribune

“A story that will change how you talk to your children”. Sigrid Kjeldsen, Happiness Coach at The Joyful Mother

To purchase the book visit

Listen (or download) to my interview with the author and amazing woman, Sonia Clark Foster!


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