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Are you or have you become self critical?

Do you question your and your children’s every move?

Are you over-thinking every decision?

Do you find yourself in a constant state of fear and worry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then give yourself a break and obtain some relief by signing up for The Fitting Room!

The Fitting Room is my weekly video blog that I have designed with you in mind. Here, you will learn to take back control of your thoughts and your life. Did you know that your thoughts create the circumstances that you see all around you in your life? Maybe you didn’t realize that you can actually learn how to control your thoughts and ultimately control your life.

In the video blog, I pull out, literally extract, all of those pesky, critical and negative thoughts that seem to just run rampant in our heads all day, everyday. These are the thoughts that make us all feel overwhelmed, stressed, scared, sad and/or even bad. These are the thoughts that hold us back from the lives that we truly desire for ourselves and our families.

Here in The Fitting Room, you are going to try on and walk out with a whole new perspective on tons of different topics about…love, relationships, parenting, confidence, perfectionism, desire, money, etc…

It’s time to start feeling GOOD!

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Episode 1:

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