The Joy Jolt

The Joy Jolt is your opportunity to get clear about what exactly is holding you back from living a joyful life and to begin to craft a direction, a map towards greater understanding, realization and manifestation of that life.

The Joy Jolt is about tapping into everyday enlightenment, it is about strengthening your natural gifts on the inside to practically and positively shift your life on the outside.

The Joy Jolt works like this:

  • After you complete your purchase, I will send you a link to an online questionnaire.
  • This questionnaire will ask you about where you are right now, your beliefs, what isn’t working, what is working, etc.
  • After you send me your completed questionnaire, we schedule a one on one session where I will give you tips, fresh perspectives and resources, specific for you, that are intended to point you in the direction of your own growth and expansion.
  • Email support for one month after our session.


Now I am no spiritual guru, abandoning all worldly goods and living on the kindness of strangers, however I do consider myself “awake”. What does awake mean? Well, to me it means I understand, I recognize that the real me is not the me crafted by all the thoughts in my head – the fears, the doubts, the worries, the self that “lacks” something.  The real me is underneath all that. It is my essence, and it is naturally joyful, wise and amazing. It is this “self” that I interact with everyday, it is this “self” that guides me and pushes me forward, it is this “self” I trust and parent my children from. And I can teach you how too.

I am the kind of person that won’t settle for a life that feels half lived. There is something inside of me that always strives for more joy, more expansion, more play, more laughter, more impact. For many of us, we never even get underneath the surface of our minds and all the fearful illusions that our egos make us believe day in and day out. For me, my life changed when I realized that that inner critic was feeding me lies. And yet at the same time pointing me towards the truth. Each time I felt fear about stepping out of my comfort zone or trusting my intuition, I got good at asking myself “is that voice speaking my truth in this moment”? Sometimes I would hear the truth, sometimes I wouldn’t, but with practice I got good at it and questioning my ego is now a habitual part of my emotionally autonomous life. I am in charge of how I feel in any given moment! I would love to show you what lies beyond your fears, to show you a glimpse of the joy that is possible!

I have developed The Joy Jolt to provide you with the jolt you need to breathe life into your own process of awakening – your own process of becoming the very best version of you.

It would be my pleasure to support you on your journey. Sign up today!

Joy Jolt Includes:

In-depth Questionnaire
One Hour Coaching Session via Skype With Sigrid
One Month Email Support

Price: $197


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