The Joyful Dad – A Poem for Gunnar

October 18, 2011

Dave inspired me today. Dave is a dad and also a follower of The Joyful Mother on Facebook.  He said “I’ve signed up as a Joyful Dad (we love our kids too)…How about a rename to Joyful Parent?” I told Dave that I have not forgot about the dads. Actually many times in my writing, when I write ‘mother’, I think to myself that I could so easily write ‘parent’ or ‘father’. So I get his point. The thing is that there is something almost magical about the connection between mother and child and that relationship from a coaching perspective (and a life perspective), is my passion. Not that there isn’t a deep connection between kids and dads…I have felt it myself and seen it clearly in our little family. But there is just something unexplainable about moms and their children.

But, I thought I would write a salute, a tribute to The Joyful Father. When I started writing this post, I wanted it to be a letter to all the Joyful Dads out there, but that was hard. I cannot speak for you. I can only speak for me and what is joyful about the man I am married to. So here is a poem, a tribute to The Joyful Father in my children’s lives, Gunnar

To our Joyful Daddy Gunnar
by: Sigrid Kjeldsen

No one that I know has a heart as true as yours
You could go around and ask and bang on a bunch of doors

Your love for me takes the breath right out of my chest
and my heart swells when the kids say “Dad, you’re the best!”

With arms open wide and a heart just as big
You walk in that door with a jiggity-jig

With loyalty, kindness and a wit quick as shit
You make our life safe, whole and candle-lit

I don’t know if you know, although I am thinking you do
That this is heaven on earth, this life here with you….

To all the Joyful Fathers in all the Joyful Mother’s lives! Tell your man how much he is worth to you and your family today.













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