The True Power of a Mother

November 5, 2011

So today I made a vow….that I would, no matter what my kids threw at me. I would be patient. And I tell you, I needed to make that vow. We had friends over for dinner last night and it got late for the kids, but as you might well expect, they were up at the crack of dawn, ready for action (and food). Our little one hit the ground running in terms of complains and if I had not made that vow this morning (thanks to Joyful Mother Sara Johnston!), I would have gotten sucked in early. Sure the day at the beach was not what I had envisioned…and our crabby little boy kept at it, and at it…and at it. But I didn’t loose it, I kept remembering my vow of patience, my intention that I would not get sucked in, but stay grounded rooted in me. Getting sucked into the emotional turmoil of my child is like handing over my happiness and I was NOT willing to do that. Not on this gloriously relaxing Saturday. Nope, not gonna happen!

How often do we take responsibility for our own happiness? How often do we say, you know what, I am not going to get sucked into the drama of other people, of traffic, of TV, the news, our mothers, drama and negativity of friends. I am here to tell you IT IS SO WORTH IT! Let them have their meltdowns, their bitch sessions, their vents….it ain’t gonna touch me, not this day. And if I practice, if I stay conscious of making this vow even broader and every day, nothing can steal my HAPPY.

What happens then?

My HAPPY infect others.

Especially the “others” I love and happen to live with.

Not getting sucked into the little ones chaos today was a GIFT to them. It allowed him to just be and show up how he needed to show up. We did lots of ignoring but with love, with space, with patience.

Everyone reeps the benefits. My husband feeds off of my calm vibe and becomes calm himself. My daughter emulates my calm responses and is a calming influence on her brother. So negative behavior may happen, will happen but it doesn’t have the impact it could have. At the end of our day at the beach, my little one said to me: “Mamma, I changed my attitude!”

Now that warms a mother’s heart.

As mothers, our power lies less in what we say or do, and more in the energy we communicate. Or better said, when we get conscious about our intentions, how we want to show up, our actions reflect that and our environment responds.

Set an positive intention, a mommy vow today and see how just that simple act can influence the dynamic of your family!


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