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Society wants us to believe that there isn’t much joy to be found in parenting. Well, at least that the struggles sure outweigh the joys, right? Well, in this report, I will tell you about the 4 most disturbing trends in parenting and then propose a new angle, a new way of looking at the trend and tell you ways to bypass, rectify or even avoid all together getting sucked up by these trends.

You see, it is YOU, not society, not reality, not your neighbor or your mother that is in control of how your life looks and feels. I promise. But most of us don’t see or understand just how powerful we are. These trend turnarounds, as I like to call them, will show you how easy it is to reclaim that sense of empowerment in your life. These are simple shifts, new ways of looking at what you may be taking for granted and which has the power to liberate your mind and your life.

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