Welcome to The Joyful Mother!

The Joyful Mother is committed to helping you take your next step in gaining true Mommy Mastery over your life.

Sigrid has created two powerful learning opportunities to support committed mothers on their quest for joyful lives. Both are inspirational and practical and will leave you with the tools you need to create habits that fuel a life of autonomy and joy:

The Joyful Mother’s Club
For Mothers Who Define Themselves

[heading style=”2″] A Step-by-Step 24 week Training Program — Learn To Live Your Life By Your Own Design! [/heading]


Learn the practical skills you need to define who you are based on your own standards and learn to live as the very best version of  YOU as a mother, a career person, in your relationships and with yourself!

Every 2 weeks for 1 year, you will receive in your inbox:


Mommy Meltdown Cure
Personal Power Toolbox in Just 6 Minutes a Day!
[heading style=”2″]A 8-Week Self-Study Coaching Program Teaching You Tools You Can Use in 6 Minutes a Day To Begin Living as a Calm, Loving and In-Control, Masterful Mother![/heading]

In this 8-week home study coaching program, Sigrid will give you the practical tools you need to take control of your life and be PROUD of yourself as a mother. And all it takes is just SIX MINUTES A DAY!

The Mommy Meltdown Cure Home Study Program will provide you with your very own PERSONAL POWER TOOLBOX and includes: