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Dearest Sigrid,

Thank you for creating a safe space for us to explore these timeless, ancient spiritual concepts and principles, and for supporting us to learn about how to be the very best expression of ourselves in this physical world that we live. The amazing work that we are doing here is the highest expression of LOVE for ourselves and our families from a soul level. There is nothing more courageous than going deeply within to heal and transform our lives layer by layer. It’s not work for the faint hearted, but for the people who are ready, it will change their lives forever, and your part in that transformation is pivotal. I love your honesty and the way that you keep it REAL. Thanks for sharing your own ‘aha moments’. Thank you for the chance to unfurl and stretch our wings without judgement, and for the butt kicking when that’s necessary too.

Thank you for the opportunity to part of an awesome group of women, true LIGHTWORKERS, who have the potential to influence their communities and the next generation of children in such hugely positive ways that it makes me dizzy with excitement and hope.

Adelaide, South Australia

Sigrid, your guided meditations and rampaging have become part of my life in the last 5 months. I wake up early in the morning looking forward to hearing your voice. As soon as I plug in my headphones in, my body relaxes in anticipation listening to your delicious and soothing voice that guides me into the space where I find PEACE, SECURITY, and DIVINE LOVE- the feelings that I have been longing for so long. Working with you, Sigrid and fellow sisters, helps me to keep tabs on my EGO. I am living more in the NOW now and able to see EGO, surrender to it and bring myself back to FLOW and JOY. From this SPACE, I live my life so EFFORTLESS and CALM as if I am in UNISON with the UNIVERSE. For that I am grateful to you, dear Sigrid! You really opened my eyes to my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF that is filled with WISDOM, LOVE.

Because of this process, I was able to find FORGIVENESS in my soul. Sigrid, you are so real, amazing, caring, kind, and I love how you kick our EGOs to the curb. You fell into my life in such a perfect moment! I was so ready to start a new chapter in my life, and you took me by the hand, opened the door, and shone the light on my path. You are my life line, and it’s nice to know you truly care! I have learned so much from you in these past few months. This knowledge and the ability to ground myself and get into the FLOW strongly impacted the relationships within my family. I am a better person now, wife, mother, daughter and a friend! I feel so much stronger, more confident, and at peace. I am beginning to see that I have planted some seeds of TRUTH into some struggling moms, and oh how wonderful that feels! I am feeling so blessed to be part of this journey!

With GRATEFUL heart full of LOVE,

Camarillo, California

To put it simply, Sigrid “The Joyful Mother” has helped me transform my life, my thinking, my relationships and my parenting. She has been an anchor in a stormy sea that I’d been trying to navigate alone just drifting and gasping for air while her steady and calm presence serves as a beautiful beacon filling me with light.

Sigrid has helped me release so many of my past hurts, emotions and guilt by showing me it was okay to forgive myself and that joy is my birthright! That we are meant to live life operating in our highest essence and that we deserve it. Her meditations, teachings, affirmations and writings connect with the soul. I can truly say that I am a better mother and that I serve as a loving leader in my home due to all that Sigrid has taught me and the constant encouragement she provides.

Our house is HAPPIER, more JOYFUL and our kids are behaving better and are more loving towards one another because there is a calmness and PEACE in our house now that didn’t always exist before. I react to them with LOVE and love always wins. This is something that I am weaving into the tapestry of our family culture and this is how our children will grow up-with a consciousness and awareness that will help them navigate through life. My husband and I are more connected and I have so many fewer knee jerk reactions because I am operating from a higher consciousness.

Sigrid provides so many resources and her knowledge of spiritual teachings is so vast and she is able to present it to the class in a way that is easy for us to digest and to really comprehend. Sigrid is a wonderful, kind and loving teacher-she is my guru and I know that many other students feel the same. Her spirit shines and she is truly transforming lives-showing those of us who thought we were so broken that we can put the pieces back together-and she is there to help by taking such great care when molding us back into one that we feel her love and essence in each fragment. I’m not sure how you could ever repay someone for showing you the path to enlightenment and for being there to guide your journey however, in my heart I know that the best way to express gratitude is live a life from love and spread the awakened joy that she has helped to stir in us. Thank you dear Sigrid.

With love, gratitude and awakening,

Kim Connolly
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Sigrid,

When I first came upon your posts on Facebook, I was in the doldrums. I was overwhelmed as a mother and not feeling satisfied in my work/life balance and job. I found your posts the pick-me-ups in my day that I needed. Little did I know that in a few short months I would be connecting with you personally! How my life has changed since my first email to you expressing my earnest to make positive changes in my life and family! My entire life has changed for the better! My days are so much more positive and optimistic. I have tools to cut through the fog and leave the doldrums that lingered around for so long.

Previous to my work with you, I had a general sense that my thoughts impact my life, but you were able to help me make the connection in such a profound way. You have made these seemingly esoteric ideas so tangible and down to earth. They make perfect sense. The journey has been up and down, hills and valleys, vistas and dark patches, but through it all I know that I have someone to lean on – a group to lean on, actually. You have created a TRIBE OF SISTERS! For that alone I cannot thank you enough. You have shown me that I have strength that is immeasurable! Thank you.

You have helped me to tap into the joy that I didn’t know I always had access to. Thank you. You have helped me to find my limitless potential. THANK YOU! I can honestly say that since I have met you, my life has been more positive, less fraught with stress and anxiety. I have benefited and my family has benefited. I want to scream it from the mountaintops: Thank you!!! Much love,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Try as I might, I can’t figure out how I first stumbled across The Joyful Mother and Sigrid’s Mommy Meltdown Cure. All I know is that it was the perfect timing for her guidance to come into my life. I was so ready to face up to my ego-dominated life, and all the thoughts and emotions of irritation, inadequacy, judging and feeling judged, confusion, and fear. Looking those things straight in the eye and releasing their control over my life has freed me to examine and move past my unconscious beliefs. I’ve become a more joyful person, a better mother who enjoys her children and rarely yells any more, and a more loving wife. And best of all, for the first time since I was a little girl, I’ve started to release my tight muscles and settle happily into my authentic self, no longer controlled by external expectations and definitions of success.

Sigrid is an amazing partner and guide. She uses her own experience to illuminate lessons, but it is never about her. Her gentle voice in guided meditations is both soothing and inspiring. And she knows just what’s needed, be it holding my hand, kicking my butt, challenging my words, or encouraging my progress.

The peace, love, and feeling of magnificence I now experience has been worth every second of the work you have asked me to do, Sigrid. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do with our research group. I feel privileged to be a part of this Joyful Mother revolution, which will help bring the next generation of families into a deeper sense of alignment with their best selves.

Edmonton, Alberta


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