What you see is NOT what you get….

April 20, 2009


I just watched the youtube clip of Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent. Check it out and then come back to reading this blog post…



So there is many things I could comment on. What a voice huh!? I think though I will do a little social commentary on how misguided we humans are. I think it was hugely a wake up call, as one of the judges said about what our society values. We are so inundated with presumed images of beauty and of success, of style and of talent and make these judgments in an instant based solely on the external. What would it be like if we waited, stopped, tapped into our “energy antennas” and got a feel about a person, and trusted that feeling, before we made our assessment. What kind of world would that be, what kind of relationships would we have? I think deeper, more meaningful ones that is for sure.


If you looked at Susan – brave as a Viking warrior princess, standing out on that stage – people were laughing at her, like not being pretty made her destined to fail. But if you saw her energy – felt her vibration – you would see and feel that she was shinning– she didn’t see the awkwardness that the audience saw, the laughter seemed not to even phase her – she was in her element – in her FLOW – she was a star on that stage. Her vibration was powerful and fun and confident. I am left sitting here thinking what would that have been like if the audience and the judges had honored that instead of judging her for not being beautiful. I think, from them you would have seenhope, curiosity, wonder, humor.


What is it in our learned “nature” to judge others so harshly? Are we unable to see what is beautiful and interesting energetically in others, no matter their appearance, because we may be cut off from this energy in ourselves? I am going to guess that is part of it.


How can you see and more importantly FEEL your magnificently beautiful, interesting, unique YOU energy right now? What does that feel like? Where do you feel it in your body – do your fingers tingle, do you feel a little light? I am going to tell you something – this energy is millions and millions of times more important to your happiness, to your quality of life. Not what you do, what you look like, what you have or who you know. If you can feel this inner energetic quality in this moment, try feeling it again tomorrow, and the next day…and start seeing and more importantly judging other people’s value based on their unique vibration – stop before you make that snap judgment and get a sense of who they really are….beyond what they look like.


You want happy? You have to practice happy.


Many blessings!


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  • Reply Bryan Greenway April 20, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    “What is it in our learned “nature” to judge others so harshly? ”
    I blame dodgeball in school…
    If you come from a part of the world where school didn’t involve mean kids throwing things at your face consider yourself lucky.

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